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10:35 AM on April 20, 2017 
Isabel Hay says...
Could I please have photos of these three stones at Sandwick ?
SO 156 Lilias McKenzie, SO 169 John McKenzie, and SO 294 John McKenzie.
Thank you.

Sorry for delay.

156. Erected by The Free Church Congregation of Stornoway in loving memory of Alexander Morrison their beloved Elder for 38 years. Born 1803 died Jan 8th 1882. In loving memory of Lilias MacKenzie who died 11th May 1885 aged 82 years. Beloved wife of foresaid Alexander Morrison. Also three of their children Annabella, Johanna and Ebenezer who died young. In memory of John MacKenzie Morison who died on 24th May 1911 aged 68 years and his wife Ann Isabella MacDonald who died on 15th July 1940 aged 80 years.

169. In loving memory of John MacKenzie, Shipmaster, Stornoway born 15th May 1794 died Aug 1883 and his beloved wife Margaret Morrison born 15th April 1799 died 27th Aug 1879. And their sons Roderick MacKenzie born 18th Nov 1825 died 19th June 1873, John born 1827 died in childhood, Murdo born 1829 died in childhood, Hector MacKenzie born 1831 died April 1854.

294. John MacKenzie, Merchant, Stornoway who died 25th March 1887 aged 84 years and Annabella McIver his wife who died 10th Oct 1894 aged 83 years. Also their son Alexander died at sea 23rd Feb 1858, John died at Greenock 14th April 1880, Daniel Louis died at Old Galaban 1st Feb 1885, Roderick died 20th Nov 1914, MacIntyre died 24th Jan 19--. And daughters Joanna died 4th Sep 1845, Jamesina died 16th Aug ---, Jessie died 29th Dec ---, Annabella died 12th April 191?, Mary died 30th April 1927.

I will email photos
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10:25 AM on April 20, 2017 
Sorry for the delay.

14. In memory of Huntly G MacPherson eldest son of the late Colonel Alexr. MacPherson formerly of the 59th Regt who died at Kingussie on the 24th Sept 1860 aged aged 56.

15. In memory of Evan D MacPherson. Late Captain 93rd Highlanders, second son of the late Colonel Alexr. MacPherson formerly of the 59th Regt. Who died at Breakachy on the 5th Feb 1866 aged 43.

16. In memory of Lachlan MacPherson, late Lieut. HM 52nd Regt. Who died at Biallid on the 20th May 1858 aged 89 years. And of his spouse Marjory Clark who predeceased him in May 1845 aged 62 years. Also of James their only son who died at Nairn on the 4th Oct 1876 aged 65 years.Anne wife of the above (and daughter of the late Colonel Alexr. MacPherson of the old 59th Regt.) who died at Viewmount, Kingussie on the 22nd July 1892 aged 70 years.

I will email pics.
Reply Dale Mathieson
8:58 AM on April 20, 2017 
May I request photos/inscriptions for the following M(A)CPHERSON graves in Kingussie Parish Churchyard, please:

Lachlan, Marjorie, James & Anna Grave No 16
Evan C Cpt Grave No 15
Huntly G Grave No 14

Thank you
Reply Isabel Hay
12:28 PM on March 25, 2017 
Could I please have photos of these three stones at Sandwick ?
SO 156 Lilias McKenzie, SO 169 John McKenzie, and SO 294 John McKenzie.
Thank you.
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3:04 PM on March 16, 2017 
Balintore New

83. In loving memory of my dear husband and our father Kenneth Campbell Patience died 14th March 1968 aged 65 years. Joined by his wife and our dear mother Williamina MacKay "Ena" died 28th Aug 2004 aged 93. A cherished and loved granny and great granny.


122. In loving memory of Donald Morrison who died 17th May 1942 aged 51 years beloved husband of Elsie Patience who died 5th Nov 1997 aged 99 years.

I will email photos
Reply May Convery
6:25 AM on March 14, 2017 
Good Morning.
Could I please have gravestone No 83 Balintore New - Kenneth C Patience and Gravestone No 122 Chapelhill - Elsie Patience/Morrison
Thanks very much for such a wonderful servie
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5:45 AM on March 7, 2017 
I don't seem to have a stone with those names in Riverside. I do have quite a few stones that I can't read due to wear and moss. Sorry.
Reply dee
5:57 PM on March 5, 2017 
Would there be any chance of a photo of a grave in Nairn Riverside Cemetery?; JANE MCDONALD STEWART, ISABELLA STEWART & JOHN MCDONALD STEWART.
Thanking You.
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12:46 PM on February 23, 2017 

480. In loving memory of my beloved husband who died 30th May 1902 aged 70 years. Also a loving daughter Maggie M Shearer who died 4th April 1892 aged 28 years. Also their grandchild Jessie SS MacKay who died 4th July 1915 aged 24 years. Also Catherine Cormack wife of the above William M Shearer died 11th Oct 1916 aged 84 years. Also their son James MacPherson died 2nd July 1926 aged 58 years. And their son Donald C Shearer, Merchant, Warse who died 23rd Feb 1949 aged 73 years.


658. In loving memory of Robert M Shearer who died 8th Nov 1928 aged 27 years beloved son of Gavin & Donaldina Shearer. Also their beloved daughter Donaldina wh died 23rd Feb 1914 aged 8 years & 9 months. Also the above Gavin C Shearer who died 28th Feb 1939 aged 72 years. And his wife Donaldina Sutherland who died 18th Feb 1941 aged 70 years. Also their beloved daughter Isabella who died 8th June 1952 aged 44 years.
Reply May Convery
2:45 AM on February 21, 2017 
Gravestone 480 Canisbay
Wick 658 - both Shearer family